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The Faust Conspiracy
by James Baddock

Set during World War II, The Faust Conspiracy centres on a plot by the Germans to kill ‘Faust’, the codename for a high ranking British target, by sending in Karl Vogel, a trained assassin.

The operation is partly to forestall the activities of the Anti-Hitler Conspiracy, a group of German military officers who want to kill Hitler, replace him and the Nazis with a more moderate leadership and negotiate a peace with the UK and the USA. This group find out about Vogel’s mission, but not who the target is, and decide to send two of their own agents, Keller and Lorenz, into the UK to try and prevent the assassination, realising just how much harm would be done to their own plans if it were to succeed. Unfortunately, it is Keller’s group that attracts the attention of MI5, triggering a massive manhunt. Keller has to prevent Vogel from carrying out his mission while trying to evade capture by MI5 – and ‘Faust’ turns out to be even more important than anyone thought…

The original print version has been extensively revised and rewritten for the ebook format, to produce a book that is, in the author’s view, significantly better, providing more depth to the main characters, while taking nothing away from the fast moving story.

“Much in common with Jack Higgins.” (Daily Express)

“Skilled writing… and well-sustained tension.” (Publishers Weekly )

“Good, no-frills storytelling.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Moves along at a good clip… exciting and taut.” (Milwaukee Sentinel)

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